Zint Unflavored Kosher Beef Gelatin

Gelatin (also known as cooked collagen) is a wonder food with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging qualities, as it helps to fill in the missing amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) in the standard American diet.

Unlike other unflavored gelatins, Zint gelatin is made from grass-fed cows raised on pasture that receive no GMOs, hormones or antibiotics.

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What is Gelatin and Why do you need it?

ZINT Gelatin is derived from 100% Pure, NON GMO, Kosher Certified, Grass Fed Bovine Hides and/or bones, purified and extracted with state of the art technology ensuring preservation of vital amino acid profiles naturally contained in animal proteins.

ZINT Gelatin is colorless and flavorless making it a great thickening agent to form your jams, jells, desserts; even ice cream or frozen yogurt!

ZINT Gelatin Amino Acid Content (%):
Alanine 11, Arginine 9.3, Aspartic Acid 6.7, Cysteine 0.1, Glutamic Acid 11.4, Glycine 29, Histidine 1.0, Hydroxylysine 1.2. Hydroxyproline 14.5, Isoleucine 1.8, leucine 3.4, lysine 4.6, Methionine 1.0, Phenylalanine 2.6, Proline 17.6, Serine 3.8, Threonine 2.2, Tyrosine 1.0, Valine 3.3.

ZINT Gelatin is sourced and prepared with unparalleled standards.

  • ZINT Bovine animals are all Pasture-Raised on a strict Grass Fed on organic diet.
  • ZINT Gelatin is Free of Preservatives, Gluten and is NON-GMO Certified.
  • ZINT Gelatin is KOSHER Certified!
  • ZINT's Processing techniques are minimalized to preserve the broad amino acid profiles that naturally occur in animal proteins. These Amino Acids are vital for human health.
  • ZINT Regularly lab tests its products to ensure consistent high levels of purity and quality.
  • ZINT's State of the art production process allows for shorter lead times, resulting in a longer product shelf life.

Recipes using this ingredient: