Traditional Cooking School


Traditional Cooking School is the Master Course for learning to cook from scratch. From cooking fundamentals to fermenting foods to basic cheesemaking, this class covers absolutely everything you need to make outstanding, healing meals for your family while keeping a tight budget.

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Traditional Cooking School offers you guilt-free, completely satisfying cooking and eating at every level. You will learn to create and serve healthy foods easily and simply, and make your family members so happy they’re practically licking their plates clean.

Traditional Cooking School is organized into 9 clear, simple modules: Fundamentals of Traditional Cooking I & II, Sourdough, Cultured Dairy and Cheese, Lacto-Fermentation, Dehydrating, Real Food Kids, Allergen-Free Cooking, and Cooking Outside.

With your monthly membership, you get:

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to all 200+ hands-on video demonstrations and printable tutorials, organized in 9 clear, simple Courses. Plus, links to related forum threads or helpful community resources.
  • Tons of exclusive, original recipes specially prepared for our Traditional Cooking School members.
  • Complete weekly done-for-you menu plans. Every Friday, you receive a complete menu plan for 3 dinners, 1 breakfast, 1 dessert, and 1 fermented food. Each menu plan comes complete with simple preparation steps, a printable shopping list, a weekly schedule (to help you decide what to make and when to serve it), and a heart-warming family devotional.
  • A complete Traditional Cooking Lifestyle Makeover, free with your membership! (Get your family’s new Traditional Cooking Lifestyle featured at the monthly Roundtable Meeting or delivered by private email, it’s up to you.)
  • Unlimited access to our active private forum. Need help with any of the techniques or recipes? The forum is a supportive learning network of other traditional cooks just like you. It is a fun place to fellowship, visit and connect with other Traditional Cooking School members world-wide.
  • An exclusive, private invitation to the Cooking Masters Roundtable Meeting — Ask me your stickiest questions about traditional cooking, techniques or challenges; and I will answer them live on the webinar.
  • Monthly drawings for free tools, ingredients and cooking services that elevate your Traditional Cooking skills to the professional leagues.
  • On-going, first-responder access to new video lessons, audios, and printable tutorials — you get first dibs on fresh new techniques, recipes, ideas and inspiration as soon as they’re released.
  • A steep 20%-off Members-Only Discount on all of our eBooks. Each eBooks sells to other customers for $20, but you get first pick of your favorite eBooks for only $12.