Plan to Eat


Plan to Eat is an online recipe organizer that takes all of your recipes and puts them into one place where you can plan, cook, and share them anywhere on any device.

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The Plan to Eat online recipe organizer, meal planner, and grocery shopping list maker was built to give you the tools you need to eat great food, at home, with your household gathered around your table.

Features include:

  • Add recipes to your Plan to Eat account by installing the bookmark tool into your favorite browser with a simple drag-and-drop. Whenever you find a recipe, press the bookmark tool to bring that recipe into your Plan to Eat account. Photos can also be imported or added to any recipe making it easier to plan and organize visually.
  • The family classics are not forgotten. Plan to Eat also allows you to input recipes by hand when they don’t exist in a digital format. The Bulk Input feature allows for easy input of directions and ingredients to cut down on data entry time.
  • Categorize all of your recipes by adding a Rating, Course, Cuisine, or Tags. Filter your recipes by ingredients, tags or how often you’ve planned them. Sort your recipes to view them listed in a particular order.
  • Every recipe is completely editable to your tastes. Adjust ingredients and directions however you would like.
  • Each recipe has a field for the number of servings that it makes. By adjusting this number, all of the ingredients in the recipe are automatically scaled without you doing any math.
  • Use the weekly or monthly meal planner to drag and drop your favorite recipes into your plan.
  • Generate shopping lists based on your plan. The Plan to Eat grocery list maker is smart enough to recognize and combine like items into one item on your list. By combining ingredients from different recipes you can have the shortest and cleanest list possible, which helps you make your way through the store as quickly as possible.
  • Share your recipes with your friends with the click of a button!