Oh Lardy’s Guide to Fermenting Fruits and Vegetables


  • Curious about fermentation but have been nervous to try it yourself?
  • Wanting to help your digestion and support your immune system?
  • Interested in the benefits of eating fermented foods?
  • Wanting to get more probiotics in your family’s diet?
  • Interested in learning how to ferment fruits and vegetables at home?
  • Curious about the role gut bacteria play in your digestive system?

This book will answer all of those questions and so much more!

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In This PDF E-book, You Will Learn…

  • The importance of the roles gut bacteria play in your digestive tract.
  • The basics of the process of fermentation, how it happens and why.
  • The benefits of consuming fermented foods (there are so many!!)
  • What materials you need to ferment foods at home to get you on your way to becoming a confident fermenter.
  • How you know when you food is fermented and other frequently asked questions.
  • How to make almost 40 different recipes easily in your own kitchen; recipes your whole family will love!
  • and more!

Recipes Include:

Fermented fruits and vegetables, such as mushrooms, garlic, asparagus, eight different types of sauerkraut, several fermented drinks, dozens of different dips, condiments and drinks, fermented fruit and so much more!