Cooking Healthy Lessons


Learn vegan cooking and raw food preparation from Chef Mark Reinfeld and Bo Rinaldi of the Blooming Lotus Restaurant, who have helped millions live vegan, drop weight fast and feel and look better than ever using vegan and raw foods.

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We are Mark Reinfeld and Bo Rinaldi of and the Blossoming Lotus Restaurants. We have also written 10 Best Selling Cookbooks, on Vegan and Raw Food creation, and have won many awards for our food and books.

Join us now as we share our knowledge of Cooking Healthy Lessons, and how it can change your life forever.

You will receive the same course Chef Mark Reinfeld Teaches At spas, restaurants and retreats around the world For $1500 per person!

  • Over 22 Individual Videos in a Professional Level Course With Many Secrets NEVER BEFORE SHOWN Anywhere
  • A 153 Page Manual and Cookbook Chock Full of Recipes, Tips and Secrets From A Master
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  • SPECIAL BONUS “Healing Stories For The Inspired Soul”, sells on Amazon for $24.95
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  • Become Healthy Naturally With Inspiring Meals, Recipes, Reports, Charts, Videos and Extras