AquaCera Countertop Filter

Remove Fluoride, Chlorine, Chloramines, Arsenic and much more from your drinking water, right at the tap.

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The AquaCera Countertop SS Filter System is a free-standing water filtration system designed to be easily installed through a diverter valve that attaches to almost any faucet with a removable aerator, pictured on the right.

This system requires no modification to existing fixtures or plumbing. Simply by turning the lever on the diverter, you can alternate between filtered or unfiltered water when needed.

AquaCera water filters are among the most famous and well-respected in the world today. Utilizing NSF certified filtration technologies, a variety of systems are available which will address specific problems such as chlorine, chloramines, lead, fluoride, parasites and other microorganisms, bad taste, odors, and sediment.

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