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20 Dishes doesn’t just give you meal plans, they walk you step-by-step through your week of make-ahead meals so you can enjoy a stress-free dinner time.

All meal plans and shopping lists are fully customizable based on dietary needs, allergens, etc. All memberships come with free meal planning support and a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL (You don’t spend a penny)

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We provide much more than meal plans. We give you access to our proven system that teaches you how to finish your food prep day in under an hour. Then, on your meal day, you simply reheat your prepared meals or cook your dishes in under 30 minutes.

Here Are The 3 Simple Steps Making a Week of Easy Make-Ahead Dinners with 20 Dishes

1. Choose A Meal Plan

20 Dishes has created unique meal plans to fit your own diet preferences and personal tastes. Choose from 5 different meal plans: Paleo, Gluten-Free, Paleo Autoimmune, Classic and Vegetarian. And the great thing about 20 Dishes is how you can change your meal plans anytime you want. If you want to eat more vegetarian this week vs. classic meals, you can. Just pick and choose, and 20 Dishes takes care of everything else!

2. Pick What You Want To Eat

Once you’ve selected the meal plan of your choice, 20 Dishes will then offer you over 200 customizable recipes to pick from. We are continually adding to these recipes on a weekly basis to give you more options and variety. This way you’ll never get bored with the same old recipes, and you’ll also get the opportunity to try new ones on a regular basis! Once you’ve picked your meals, then you’ll automatically be given the appropriate grocery list so you’ll know exactly what you’ll need! Just pick, print and go!

3. Follow the Easy Instructions

Now that you’ve chosen your meal plan, picked out the meals you want to eat for the week, and gathered all your items from the grocery store…all you need to do next is follow our simple food preparation guide. We’ve made all of our recipes super easy to prepare, and we’ll also give you a wide variety of TIPS, TRICKS and PREP SECRETS that you can use to greatly reduce the prep and cooking time for your meals. And the best news of all, these tips work for all cooking skill levels that range from complete beginner to more advanced.